Friday, November 05, 2004

Dyed objects!

Since I don't have a page for my dyed yarn, I thought I would post these here. I didn't spin any of the yarn but it's all hand-dyed by me using kool-aid and procion mx fiber reactive dyes. I'm thinking of selling these because I just have way too much stuff in my stash. If you're interested, drop me an email.

This first one is Lion Brand wool-spun, (63% wool, 26% acrylic, 11% polyester) 80 yards total, bulky gauge.

This was some mystery yarn I bought on eBay. It's 100% wool boucle, 125 yards.

Yarn number 3 is Fisherman's Wool. Bulky gauge 202 yards.

Yarn number 4 is 50% silk, 21% mohair, 21% acrylic and 8% cotton. I love the way this yarn takes up the dye. It's 194 yards.

Yarn number 5 is 40% silk, 37% acrylic, 10% angora, 8% nylon, and 5% lambswool. This is a really soft blend and I just love it. It also takes up the dye very aggressively so I get really bright colors. 156 yards.

Yarn #6 is more fisherman's wool. I have about 5 skeins in this same colorway. It's 100% wool and each skein is about 160 yards.

Number 7 is the same mix as number 5. I used some black and silver dye on this one and I think it came out quite nice. This would be good for a winter scarf. 132 yards.

Number 8 is the same mix as numbers 5 & 7. Again you can see how well this yarn takes up the dye. This skein is 200 yards.

Number 9 is some more of the mystery 100% wool boucle. This skein is 150 yards. It is about a worsted weight.

Yarn number 11 is the same mix as yarn number 4 but in a differnt colorway. This was dyed with only kool-aid. It's amazing what effects you can get with that stuff. This skein is 173 yards.

Last but not least, yarn number 11 is the same mix as numbers 5, 7 & 8. Can you tell I'm in love with this stuff? *smile* I'm planning on keeping this one for myself and sending it off to be knitted up for the scarf swap. This skein is 200 yards. I'll have to try to dye up a little more yarn in the same color or something complimentary to meet the scarf swap requirement.

I suppose I should come up with clever names for each color, but I'm just too tired today and I'm not really feeling that creative. I'm open to suggestions however. If anyone wants to suggest a name for a yarn either comment below or send me an email. Whoever comes up with the most clever name (in my and my friend's opinion), will get the skein they named for free (excluding yarn #11 which I'm keeping for myself *smile*).

Monday, November 01, 2004

Spinning Object's new page

In an effort to cut down on the amount of pictures on my main blog, I've decided to make some sattelite pages *smile* This one will be devoted to pictures of past, current and future spinning "objects". I've also created a page for finished knitting objects, now I will have to keep up to date on 3 blog pages. I've created a monster! LOL!